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March 6, 2018

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My name is Alexander Seifert. I am 25 years old, married and live in Hückeswagen, near Cologne, Germany. Because of my pilot training in Burgess Hill, I had the pleasure of lodging with Sandra and Steve, Calix and his family for the last four weeks and getting to know the Rehoboth Baptist Church with some of its members.
During these four weeks, I went through the training to gain the ability to fly a particular aircraft type; in my case, a Dassault Falcon 2000LXS. I was allowed to do all the training because I had my first job a few weeks earlier. And that’s exactly what I want to tell a little bit about.

In the year 2013 I moved with my wife to Stuttgart. She trained as a paediatric nurse and I was trained as a pilot. I have to say that our time in Stuttgart was not exactly the best. We had not found a church and therefore hardly any friends and we never felt at home. This situation also adversely affected our God relationship and our faith. In the year 2016 we had both successfully completed our training and were eager to see what our professional future would bring. Unfortunately, it was not very good for me and my professional prospects, because at that time the labour market was full of unemployed pilots and hardly any pilots were needed. If you got an offer, this was mostly on very bad terms. Eventually, in December 2016 I was offered a promising position as a pilot on a Phenom 300 after a successful flight and an interview. The airline that wanted to hire me, however, was not the owner of this aircraft, but only took care of all matters around the aircraft on behalf of the owner. We were overjoyed and full of confidence, because the job was to be near Cologne and we wished to be able to move near my wife, Mirja’s parents. So we moved to the Cologne region. However, it was to be an up and down experience. One week it would be said I could start and finally get my employment contract, then the day after it had all lapsed again. At one time, the owner no longer even reported whether we could start training on the type of aircraft or not and whether or not I could be hired.

The bad time we’d experienced in Stuttgart, and now all this, led to me drifting farther away from God. I was angry, disappointed and could not understand why God did not bring it to a good end for me. My wife always had worked and taken care of our finances, so we wanted to start a family. So I reproached God and fell into self-pity because I only saw Myself and these things. At about the same time, however, we found a church in our new home where we felt very comfortable. The fellowship with the brothers and sisters there helped us towards spiritual renewal, particularly me. I realized I had to get away from focusing on myself. I became convinced that God wants us to come to him with what burdens us, but thankfully and knowing that every decision he makes, even if it doesn’t match our imagination, is perfect; and that we have a gratitude and joy in our hearts because he is our Father and has liberated us from death through Jesus Christ. I knelt before God and simply prayed with gratitude. I cried because I was so sorry that I hadn’t seen it for so long – I’d actually been given everything, and I cried at the same time full of joy because it was so liberating to really be convinced that God is all for me. Although many things do not work well in my eyes, he does it perfectly and has everything in hand – his love, his mercy, everything you need to live. You open up to God in this way and suddenly you get a new view of all these problems – which are still there, but have no value, because God’s love and joy is in you. From the grace we receive springs gratitude. This attitude gives joy, independent of the circumstances of your life.

And to get to the story with my job. A few months later, the airline said that I can now take the planned position. But, then there was a rejection again – this time with the information that everything had now been cancelled. That means I was terminated before I could even start. I talked to God about it and told him that I firmly believed that he had the last word on everything, that he determined everything and was absolutely good.

I then wrote a very honest email to the airline’s flight manager to tell him my thoughts about what had happened. His response was surprisingly friendly and he wanted to sit down with me to discuss everything. In the end, he offered me a many times better job on the same aircraft type on which I am now training in Burgess Hill. I have to explain very briefly that it is super unusual to get a position on such an airplane type directly as an inexperienced pilot. There are not many in this world that offer an applicant such a chance. Yet here I was sitting right in front of exactly such a person. Looking back, I could see that everything that happened all along, happened because God was working his purposes out for me – and Mirja. The other students in Burgess Hill couldn’t believe I got a job right on this plane. To get a little idea. Each of them has a flight experience of 5000-15000 flight hours. I have 200. And the cherry on the cream cover is that all the time my wife also got pregnant! God is good.


March 2018

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