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May 1, 2018

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A few weeks ago I went along to ‘Saved2Serve’ for the first time; a weekend for 15-25 year olds aimed at glorifying God by propelling young people into the Lord’s service for the strengthening of the churches”.

This year’s event – at All Nations Christian College in Hertfordshire – focused on how the power of the gospel works in the church and how we as young people can better serve within the church. We had 4 talks from the engaging and charismatic Ali McLachlan – with his interesting impressions and grumpy old man rant.. ;) – who really challenged me personally in how we live as a Christian “Don’t keep the Holy Spirit in the “porch of your house”. Invite him in and welcome him into every room, every part of your life.

Give your life in every area to the Holy Spirit.”, serving within the church “If the local church is not central to what you are doing then you are not central to what God is doing.” and evangelising to non-Christians “Don’t apologise for Jesus like you’re sorry. “I’m sorry to trouble you but I have an investment offer that pays everlasting dividends” ”

There was also lovely food from the canteen, time to chill on Saturday afternoon, great times of worship and a Q&A to round off the weekend.

Overall it was a great weekend of fellowship, fascinating and challenging teaching and some great time to spend with other Christian young people. It’s a weekend I would highly to recommend to any young people interested in how better to serve God and I’ll definitely be going again next year!

And to finish, what should we tell our friends about the weekend? “I was learning how to save your life!”

Elliot Smith

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