Ron’s Recollections and Reflections from the Rehoboth Church Day – 9th June

July 6, 2018

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We had a thoroughly enjoyable and informative day at Holmsted Manor and that includes

the children, of course, who were ably looked after by members of Chertsey Street church from Guildford (Grace Church, Guildford).

Mike Mellor is a man who has ‘been there and done that’ and his brief testimony revealed the sometimes painful journey he had to take before surrendering his life to Christ.

Mike introduced (reintroduced?) us to three Old Testament characters to warn and encourage us: Abram, Isaac and Jacob.

Abram was subject to fears and failures; a human just like us. However, God didn’t give up on him. God doesn’t give up on us either even when we mess up. Among other things, Abram passed off his wife as his sister to save his own skin. He spent fifteen years in Haran being persuaded by his father to stay there instead of com-pleting the journey to Canaan as God had told him. However, he is held up to us a man of faith by Paul.

Isaac was a mixture. He made the same error as his father regarding his wife and was subsequently rebuked by a pagan king who had some fear of God. However, no-one gets beyond forgiveness and he now becomes the man of faith. There is a battle over the land because Isaac is being blessed and the Philistines are envious. There is a spir-itual battle going on too and, today, we are in the same battle where the enemies of God are trying to eradicate any ‘evidence’ of God. We may be under attack as ‘bigots’ but this is nothing new. Like Isaac re-digging the wells, we must remind people of God’s ways. The situation is not hopeless and every conversion is a miracle.

Jacob was blessed by God despite his many failings including being a deceiver.

We have had our sins dealt with so we have no worries if we are called home. Do we have an expectancy that God wants to bless us? Jacob had a life of struggle as we may have but God knows everyone individually and deals with them accordingly. The devil makes people busy so that there is no acknowledgement of God or a desire to seek Him. God has wired us to love. Don’t give up; keep close to Him.

Ron Balchin

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