The power of love… (Thought for July 2018)

July 6, 2018

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Today my boss had to deal with “a major crisis”. “Can I help?” I asked. “Only if you have the old type of iphone charger” he replied. I’m an android” I responded. An email went to all office staff and to his relief one was found. That got me thinking and as I looked around the office I no-ticed how many people were charg-ing mobile phones or powerpacks. In one case someone was doing both! It’s the same at airports. People sat by the plugs in the wall or installed next to a row of stools with phones and powerpacks being recharged in the never-ending search for power.

A popular song when I was a teenager was “The power of love” sung by Jennifer Rush. That got me thinking about the power of love in our lives and the impact Christ’s love has on us. Paul summed it up perfectly in 2Cor 5v14. Both his power and its impact on us.

Why is love so important to how we function? The simple answer is because that is how we were designed by our Creator. He designed us that way firstly to respond to the love he has shown us and comes from him. Secondly, we are to give out this love.
This “power pack” God has placed at the core of our personality. He did that to provide us with the energy and motivation we need. How we use that energy and motivation however is something we can choose. Are we “android” slaves to pressures or expectations around us. It doesn’t have to be this way. Do we follow the Creators blueprint to operate under the compulsion of divine love. What drives you?


July 2018

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