Diary, Dates & Rotas

Calender & Saturday Early Morning Prayer Leaders; and Future Planning Dates (see below)



2017 Forward Planning Dates

Date Event
1st February Church AGM
13th February Leadership – Action Planning
15th February Equip
27th February Eldership Meeting
13th March Leadership – Prayer & Pastoral
22nd March Equip
27th March Eldership Meeting
9th April T@4 Easter Special
10th April Leadership – Business
14th April Good Friday
16th April Easter Sunday
24th April Eldership Meeting
26th April Equip
8th May Leadership – Action Planning
17th May Equip
22nd May Eldership Meeting
4th June Church BBQ
7th June Equip
12th June Leadership – Prayer & Pastoral
14th June Church Meeting
24th June Church Away Day
26th June Eldership Meeting
2nd July Summer Picnic
5th July Equip
10th July Leadership – Business
24th July LV Teddy Bear’s Picnic am/Eldership Meeting eve
14th August Leadership
10th September Sunday School Anniversary
11th September Leadership – Action Planning
25th September Eldership Meeting
7th October Association Meetings
8th October Harvest Sunday
9th October Leadership – Prayer & Pastoral
11th October Church Meeting
23rd October Eldership Meeting
28th October GBM Meetings
13th November Leadership – Business
27th November Eldership
3rd December Christingle Service
11th December Leadership – Action Planning
18th December LV Nativity
15th December Carols In New Street Gardens
17th December Carols by Candlelight
25th December Christmas Day Service

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