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Policy/Privacy Statement Overview

(Note: the full document can be downloaded here)

In May 2018 the law relating to data protection and privacy was enhanced in the UK by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This enhanced law gave extra rights and protection to the individual (Data Subject) over the gathering and use of his or her personal data by organisations (Data Controllers).

The following summary of our Privacy Policy and Privacy Notice and expanded description thereafter involves some terminology such as Data Subject, Data Controller and Lawful Basis. These are defined in  Appendix A of the full Privacy Policy and Privacy Notice.

The following summary describes what we as a church do with personal data, the terms used and the ways in which personal information is ‘processed’ are more fully described in sections 1 to 4 below.

  • We hold personal data about individuals employed by the church for the purposes of remuneration, taxation and pension provision. These individuals may be employed on a full-time or part-time basis, for example the pastor, or on an ad hoc basis such as the church cleaner.
  • We hold personal data about officers of the church for the purposes of providing contact details to those the church corresponds with and to administrative bodies (such as the Association of Grace Baptist Churches, Grace Charities Trust, Grace Baptist Mission) that the church has dealings with.
  • We hold personal data about individuals representing other organisations in relation to letting the premises or who provide services to us.
  • We hold personal data about individuals for whom we have arranged Disclosure and Barring Service checks so that they can work with vulnerable people associated with us. In addition we would record information about individuals in the course of monitoring safeguarding and in the event of a safeguarding incident might record further information which might be of a sensitive nature.
  • We want to maintain a list of people who have attended on a regular basis or who have been registered ‘members’ for the purposes of spiritual care and on rare occasions to note those we no longer wish to have any further contact with or who do not wish to have any further contact with us.
  • We may record elements of people’s conversation at ‘members’ meetings and officers of the church may keep on record correspondence and elements of conversations.
  • We record donations made by standing order or cheque or reimbursement payments that may be direct to personal bank accounts for accounting purposes and also for Gift Aid processing purposes.
  • We share data with Grace Charities Trust in order to process Gift Aid and with the Disclosure and Barring Service in order to carry out DBS checks.
  • Where data relates to congregants of the church that information may be shared with other congregants for the purposes of the Legitimate Interests of the church in providing mutual care and support.
  • All data that we hold may be held indefinitely for the purposes of protecting the Legitimate Interests of the church and its members and especially for the purposes of safeguarding of vulnerable people associated with the church.

30th May 2018

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