Raising Hope Foundation Jan 2011 Update

February 4, 2011

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Finance Update #2, Jan 2011

Key Points

1. Santrokofi Orphanage  Walls completed.

2. Additional land now paid for.

3. New donors & Fundraisers

4. Successful Ghana Evening in November.


1. Praise for fund raising & donations so far & continued support from our regular supporters

2. Thanks for the faith of builder to complete the superstructure phase.

3. Our support base will widen as more Ambassadors spread the message.

4. The Lord will continue to bless His work in Ghana & we will acquire the funds to start the roof before the next rainy season.

5. Thanks for the funds to purchase the additional land next to the orphanage

Orphanage Project Update

Walls now complete and the gables are in the final stages of completion.

Payments to LFF this quarter include:

£ 4415  Santrokofi Orphanage project

£1385   Additional land in Santrokofi

The superstructure (walls etc) is the most expensive building phase of the project and costs approx £17,920 (49,427 GH cedi). We’ve raised £12840 so far with the majority of the work now complete. So as you can see we have a funding shortfall of £5080 on the orphanage.

The next phase is the roof which should be started ideally before the next rainy season (April -June)

Other news

We have continued our support for Peace at Hoe College paying her second term fees and we have also helped Jones, from Santrokofi, with his school fees. Helping young people with their education is very important and the RHF is very happy to support them.

3rd Quarter Picture FY 10-11

Since the last report in Sep 2010, we’ve had a busy quarter with several fundraising events.  Bethan Borrett & Danni Wilshaw completed the South Fun Run in Portsmouth raising valuable funds. We had a very successful Ghana Evening in November which raised £600, plus gave us the chance to share progress with our supporters, raise awareness and give people a taste of Ghanaian cooking.  Diarmuid O’Riordan, a university friend of Bethan, ran 2 marathons in December raising over £200 in sponsorship for the RHF!!

Finance Update #2, Jan 2011             page 2 of 2

3rd Quarter Picture FY 10-11Contd: 2010 Income from the Charity Giving website.

Private donations have held up well too, with a small increase in the number of regular monthly donors – we can always do with more! A very encouraging development has been the work of RHF ambassadors. Recently, Keri Evans introduced the RHF to Horsell Baptist church and friends. This widens our supporter base and we’re very grateful for their support financially, concern and prayers for the work. We’ve just received another international donation of £600 from the Italian students who were in Sogakope in 2009 when Kinza was there. Finally, following our last financial update we were delighted to receive a specific donation of £1385 to complete the purchase of the additional land below the orphanage site. All these gifts are a tremendous answer to prayer, showing the Lord’s goodness.

Funds, at hand, are £1500 in our bank account and by the end of January we should receive £500 from HMRC in Gift Aid for the 3rd Quarter of FY1011. The Trustees are following up opportunities for various grants. Our target is to complete paying for the orphanage walls by the end of this FY.

Summary: Please remember this work in your prayers. Continue to support us. Help others get involved.

Many thanks. Simon Mason (RHF Treasurer)

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