Societies we support

The Raising Hope Foundation is a small Horsham based charity working with the Living Faith Foundation in the Volta region of  Ghana to support homeless and disadvantaged children and young people. For further information click here.


The purpose of Tear Fund is to:

“To serve Jesus Christ by enabling those who share evangelical Christian beliefs to bring good news to the poor”

  • Proclaiming and demonstrating the gospel for the whole person through support of Christian relief and development;
  • Working though a world-wide network of evangelical Christian partners;
  • Encouraging partnership in prayer and support from Christians in Britain and Ireland;
  • Seeking at all times to be obedient to Biblical teaching.

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Grace Baptist Mission helps churches to support and care for their missionaries world wide. Currently missionaries supported through Grace Baptist Mission are working in Austria; France; Italy; Switzerland; Spain; Latvia; India; Kenya; Columbia; Peru; Philippines; and the Middle East.

In addition to this the Mission has a literature work and a radio ministry.

The literature work includes Bible translation and the translation of other Christian literature as a means of providing the tools for the Pastor’s of local churches to effectively teach and encourage their congregations.

The Radio Ministry produces a variety of Christian radio programs which are broadcast in many areas of the world. Responses have been received from well over 50 countries. more

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Out Reach UK  is a missionary organisation, one of its goals is to reach people in the United Kingdom who have never heard the Gospel. You will find Out Reach UK , evangelists in many different situations sharing their faith. There are Out Reach UK, evangelists working with churches across the country with door to door evangelism .

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