Sunday School

Sunday school class (yr 10-12)

Sunday School meets every Sunday at 10.30 as part of the regular Sunday  Morning Service. Our vision is that for each young person that passes through Sunday School they develop a personal relationship with God.

The classes are split in school years :

Little Verse on Sunday – Babies to Reception

For the very young; together they sing songs with actions and look at Bible  Characters and learn about God’s word, they also enjoy doing different crafts together.

Year 2 – Year 4

The next age range meet together and study God’s word as well as making their own folders with all the things they have learned so far. They display  Arts and crafts  in their room to follow the stories week by week.

Year 6 – Year 8

The next group looks at Gods word through quizzes, discussions, games and Bible study – here children are encouraged to make an individual response to God.

Year 10 – Year 12

This group meet together to talk through different issues, giving space  for  questions.  It is important to encourage young people in their walk with God at this age especially as they plan to leave school and go onto University
or the world of work.

The Sunday School as a whole gets together regularly to look at a particular  part of Christian life and often demonstrates things learned in front of the whole church at the end of the service.

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