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May 14, 2015

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We fly to South Africa on Thursday morning and then head to Swaziland for month five!! There have been team changes and I am now on a team with six other girls: Heather, Callie, Hakyoung, Debbie, Becca and Kylene.

I will also just be a ‘regular’ racer as I step down from the role of team leader. I am excited for what this next season of my race will look like.

In Swaziland we will be serving at an orphanage called El Shaddai which is a favourite amongst racers and I have heard a lot about so I feel privileged that I get the chance to see what goes on there.

I will have limited WIFI when I get to Africa too, so my contact back home may lack a little of the next three months.
Excited to step on African soil again, my team and I made a video to prepare for our adventure!

Prayer Requests

P Squad – they also launched in January. On 20th April one of their teams was involved in a car accident, one girl severed her spinal cord and has been told she will never walk again.

We know a God of miracles, pray she will walk out of the hospital.

A lot of squads go to Nepal, pray for the country and the communities affected by the devastating earthquake!

My squad as we head into Africa.

Me – as I transition into life as a ‘regular’ racer

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