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April 2, 2017

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When asked about my faith whilst I was younger, I could proudly say that I was a Christian because I had been christened and my faith was based on the school hymns and the day camps I attended. However as I grew, circumstances changed and my relationship with God was placed on hold.
When I was 16 God placed Rich on my spiritual path. I attended Chessington Evangelical Church alongside Rehoboth and gained a strong sense of belonging experienced a different type of church service compared to those previously. God challenged me with the services, and then through gentle guidance, discussion and prayer, He made his presence in my life ever increasingly known.
It was through life events that I came to know the Lord, as they taught me to trust in Him since He already knowns our plans, despite our attempts to control them. I was welcomed into Rich’s Christian Union, where I met likeminded friends and we were able to grow together spiritually. Through this guidance and teaching, Rich and I become part of a beautiful group of Christian friends, despite my non-Christian status at that time. I was a little fearful of how others would view me, but it was clear that they were full of encouragement as we praised the Lord.
On the 1st January 2012 I asked the Lord into my life, following a brief talk from Steve Piggott about the significance of communion. Following the service, the purpose of the church and the Christian values were clear and was from then that I wanted to be a part of his Kingdom, to serve Him and to spread His gospel.
It has been my testament to embody the Christian mentality of listening and patience. As the Bible says, it is important to stand proud for the Lord, and by keeping a Bible on my bedside table prompted many faith based discussions. I hope to have ignited a curiosity and willingness to learn more in these friends and colleagues.
God’s blessings are plentiful in my life – our marriage, home and the joy we share in the Lord. Whilst the Christian path is not an easy one, it is thepath that I have chosen and by trusting in God, we can overcome the trials that are put before us. Following this, I request believer’s baptism, as a physical symbol in front of witnesses as a proclamation of my coming to faith, of washing away sin and being reborn as a Christian, and membership into Rehoboth church.

April Smith

Feb 2017

Aprils Testimony 12 Feb 2017 from Andrew Cooke on Vimeo.

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