Fellowship News (June 2017)

May 28, 2017

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Jewels o;f Joy in June

Things to look; forward to this month:
Church BBQ:
Our Church Barbecue is arranged for lunchtime at Rehoboth, post am service on Sunday 4th. Everyone is welcome, but please sign the list provided or let Judy or Karl know if you are coming. Pray that the Lord would grant us suitable weather so that we can spill out into the garden. It’s a time of fellowship for the family and friends of Rehoboth.
Church Awayday:
Church Day at Pilgrim Hall – Saturday 24th – Too good to miss. Last chance to sign up for it by Sunday 4th. Please let Steve have your name and, if you’ve not yet given your donation of £27 per adult (or more, if you add an extra donation to help with other expenses) he would be grateful to receive it.
Pray for Professor Andy McIntosh, our speaker for the weekend, as he comes to challenge and enlighten us on Creation—why it is so important.
For prayer:
Continue to pray for Pat, who has arrived home from hospital. Pray that the Care package will settle in helpfully, and that Pat will improve in health.
Remember June, who still suffers a lot of pain. May the Lord healingly touch her.
Jan’s  father is gravely ill in S Wales, following a stroke. Pray for Jan & Paul as they spend time with him. May they be a blessing to him and be able to give spiritual help, and may they and the family be strengthened and encouraged at this time.
By the way:
- Jesus said: There is joy in the presence of God’s angels when even one sinner repents.Luke 15:10. Could that sinner be you? What a jewel of joy in heaven that would be!
Preaching out/Serving the Lord this month:
4th Stuart Beadle – Knaphill pm 8-10th David Ansell at South of England Show, Ardingly assisting on a Gospel stand with Christian Watch & Sussex Martyrs Commemoration Council
11th Steve Piggott – Redhill am; David Ansell – Wivelsfield am, Slinfold pm
18th D Ansell – Reigate am; 21st D Ansell assisting at Martyrs Commemoration service, Lewes.
25th D Ansell – Wivelsfield am
Prayer & care for the Community:
Dorset, Hampshire, Kent, Surrey & Standing Courts

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