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June 30, 2019

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Praise; Preaching; Prayer: Picnic

How good is the God we adore! Our faithful, unchangeable friend:
His love is as great as His power and knows neither measure nor end.   Sukesh Pabari, who so brilliantly led our Awayday at Dalesdown this year, reminded us from Phillipians 4: 6  to always have a thankful heart that will lead us into prayer in a way that will honour our wonderful God and Saviour. So, like the hymn above, let’s always praise before we preach or pray—and even before we picnic!

Our pastor, Calix will be leading most of this month’s preaching at Rehoboth, before he, Bea and the family leave for their well deserved holiday – may the Lord refresh them. And let’s pray for all who preach.

Picnic in New Street Garden 14th,4pm -

Help needed – speak Stuart, Support requested, your presence invited !

For personal matters of prayer: see this months Connect Magazine

Preaching Away

7th  David Ansell Storrington pm

14th  Stuart Beadle Storrington am; Steve Piggott  Copthorne am

17th  David NAsell  speaking at Trafalgar Rd Lunch club

21st  David Ansell  Hope Chapel, Horsham am
28th  David Ansell Hope Chapel am & pm; Steve Piggott  Rudgwick am; Stuart Beadle Slinfold pm

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