Fellowship News (August 2020)

August 1, 2020

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Restarting Services in the Church

As we are hopefully moving gradually out of complete lockdown, and in accordance with Government guidance, we plan to reopen the chapel at Rehoboth for an evening service at 6.30pm on 23rd August. This will involve much organisation and cooperation by us all in order to meet the particular health and safety requirements, and more detailed information will be circulated in the coming days. The aim to restart morning services will be for early September. Until those dates, and indeed thereafter services will be live streamed as now.

In the meantime, may we remind you of the different types of Rehoboth happenings in the interest of maintaining and encouraging the fellowship of God’s people. But also that others may be invited, or just ‘happen’, to pick up – tune in to our live streamed services via the church web site or on You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2hNsM2dMebnpD1l10qifVg.

There is planned live streaming for the following services in August:

Sunday 2nd 10.30am Andrew Smith 6.30pm Steve Piggott

Sunday 9th 10.30am Andrew Smith 6.30pm Stuart Beadle

Sunday 16th 10.30am Kevin Borrett 6.30pm Matt England

Sunday 23rd 10.30am Pastor Calix 6.30pm Pastor Calix – (in chapel/ live streamed)

Sunday 30th 10.30am Pastor Calix 6.30pm Pastor Calix – (in chapel/ live streamed)

For those with the Zoom app, the following:

Each Saturday at 9am – 9.45am Early(ish) Morning Prayer (see ‘Rehoboth Announcements’ on Whats App)

Each Sunday at 10.05am – 10.20am Pre- morning service Fellowship – Greeting one another

(see ‘Rehoboth Announcements’ on Whats App)

at 5.45pm – 6.05pm 20 mins of Prayer (see ‘Rehoboth Announcements’ on Whats App)

at immediately after evening sermon After Evening Service Fellowship – 15-20 mins to conclude

the day (see ‘Rehoboth Announcements’ on Whats App)

Each Tuesday Midweek Fellowship Group A – 7.45pm (see Rehoboth Announcements on Whats App.)

BS & Prayer: with phone-in link via Calix for those without Zoom.

Each Wednesday Midweek Fellowship Group B – 8pm (contact Rachel Cooke for info.) BS & Prayer

Note: No Little Verse during August

Connections for all ladies – summer sign off zoom Thursday 6th at 8pm

For those of us who don’t have the technical facilities, please don’t despair – sermon notes, and a paper like this can be circulated regularly through your letter box. Let Steve or Calix know if you don’t receive a copy.

Elders meet by Zoom Mondays -dates to be announced. Elders & Deacons meetings – dates to be announced.

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Praise and Prayer

Give praise for the Lord’s kindness and help in sustaining them ministry and fellowship at Rehoboth during the restrictions resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Pray the Lord will continue to bless and guide us during this coming month, and that those ministering Sunday by Sunday will faithfully bring God’s word to us, with a right response in every heart to the word of the Lord.

Pray for those on holiday, or who are hoping to go on holiday this month. May the Lord protect those who are abroad at the moment.

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