Letter from Accra (May 2013)

May 12, 2013

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So now Jonny  and I  are in the second half of our time here, what a shock. Its really weird that we’re this far through and I mean really weird as in a freak accident involving a
tornado, a rhino , a paint factory and a large increase in property value. Any way the time here so far been great and I don’t want to leave, I do want Henry out here though.
So just after my last prayer letter we went to the Spiritual life conference which is a big meeting of all the SIM people in Ghana, where all meet up to talk about how things are
going and generally recharge their batteries The speaker at it was a Ghanaian pastor called JFK(no relation) and he was amazing. Me and Jonny didn’t get to hear him much as
we were running the session for the older missionary kids(one of them was older than Jonny) but what we heard was humbling. For every subject you could think of he knew
relevant scripture off by heart and it wasn’t just rote memorisation but he really understood it and could dig into it. Also some new people came down to Accra after it, the two
Canadian girls Lynnea and Emily who came out to take photos and a Swiss girl called Cristina who was up north originally. I’ve started doing the Christianity explored course for younger teenagers at the kids club on Friday, I had to stretch the first session over a session but I think they got the message. They’re normally pretty good if a bit boisterous but the other day they were not so great, they were in a smaller room than normal which never helps and we’d tried moving some of the younger kids up into the group and they didn’t like that but its sorted now so yayyyyyy.
Also before kids club on Monday Alvins started giving us Twi lessons, we’ve had one so far and we learnt the Twi alphabet, how to say  Mi ba a be ka wo which means I’m
coming to bite and some other more useful stuff. In music practice I got to play a truly electric bass guitar, it gave me electric shocks. It was quite funny. I asked one of the other guys to touch it to check if I was imagining things and he didn’t get shocked. I then spent several minutes thinking he was shock proof, then I
realised he had rubber soled shoes on and I had nothing on my feet. After some experimentation it turned out it was a problem with the mixer it was plugged into. Also they
asked me to teach them a song so I picked Days of Elijah, which it turns out they already knew.

Chance for children continues to be great. Today they wanted us to do the story of Nicodemus which is basically Jesus explaining how to be saved using complicated

language to a Pharisee and of course is it wasn’t in the children’s bible. So I had to put it in language they’d understand, it went well though. The other street kids on Friday continues to be great, the younger kids who Jonny is teaching are really coming well. When we started they couldn’t say the alphabet but now they can read three letter words. Cristina and Nono are coming along now which is a great help.

So what other stuff is there to say about? Well there’s a big conference with SIM West Africa and Europe leaders going on. Some people from the UK are coming and one of

them is bringing me and Jonny stuff out (thanks Ann).

Love Nick

P.s. This prayer longer took a bit longer for me to be able to send it of then I expected. So here’s other stuff Mitsky’s gone home(please pray for her safe journey. We went to a youth fun day, which was good fun my church beat Jonny’s one at the football and we had Anne, Helen, Keith and Peter from SIM U.K. Around for tea which was very nice.

Contact Stuff:
Prayer – Praise
  • For how well the Street kids on Friday are going.
  • That we’ve made it this far.
  • For how great every here is.
Prayer – petition
  • For kids club that we’ll really be able to make an impact on them.
  • That the second half will be as good as the first.
  • That we’ll continue to build good relationships with people.

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