The Real Christian Battleground (Thought for the month May 2014)

May 4, 2014

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People around us see what we do and what we say. However they they can’t see what we think. That’s why I call that the hidden part of our Christian persona. Personally I think its the  hardest part as well for us when it comes to living for Christ.

This was brought home recently when out cycling one evening. it had been raining heavily during the day and part of the country lane I was riding down had stationary surface water. Coming towards me  and the other cyclist with me was a 4X4 . Some how I new instinctively what was about to happen. As the other driver approached they sped up! Either side of the car water was being sent 3 feet into the air at 45 degrees as the front tyres pushed it sidewards. at

I stopped and pulled as far out of the way as I could as did the others with me. Fortunately most of the water missed us. Had we not stopped I’m sure the force of the water would have knocked several of us of sidewards off our bikes. Suffice to say my thoughts to wards the driver of the 4×4 as they went around the bend were not ones I would choose to repeat.

That’s why I find a verse like Phillipians 4:8 so challenging. Inappropriate thoughts will come to the front door of our minds”. Our challenge is to not let them cross that “threshold” and enter inside!

The famous puritan John Owen talked of the battle for the “frontier of our minds” and that challenge that he laid out some 300 years ago remains so true today.

The Easter period is drawing to a close. We rightly emphasis what Christ did for us on the Cross redeeming. However for those of us who follow him, our challenge is to take up this Cross – not just in what we do and say, but also in what we THINK

Kevin Borrett


May 2014

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