Water, water everywhere

May 4, 2014

in News from Cambodia

Jonathan & Zoë Norgate working in Cambodia write:
“We moved house at the beginning of February next to the Sekong River which flows into the Mekong. It is closer to Jonathan’s school and many of his students live nearby, and we are neighbours to Peter and Ruth Elks and Joy Scott who have been in Stung Treng  for many years. It’s great to be able to pop next door for a cup of tea together and very special for the children. We have also been able to go for evening walks together along the river front and meet new neighbours,
passers by and have opportunities to sit and talk about Jesus.
We also love being able to look out on to the river and see the water flowing by. Although Stung Treng is surrounded by these great rivers the town water supply is hit and miss. But it has been a curious relief to be able to see the river while we carry water in buckets to our house or wash our clothes in the garden. Perhaps it is a relief because we know that if the water were not to come on again, then we could resort to washing in the river (as, in fact, many people do!)
However, as we struggle to accommodate ourselves to these kinds of challenges we are sharing, in a small way, some of the daily hardships which the vast majority of Cambodians endure. And this is important because we are seeing that the gospel we share needs to connect with people who have to worry every day about water.
It needs to touch people whose minds and bodies are wearied by these things. We are seeing in a new way why it is so powerfully precious that the Lord should have described himself as offering the water that never leaves us thirsty again. This is a great word for the tired and drained.”
The Norgates ask: In our daily need of Him, please pray for the Lord to help us guard our times of prayer and Bible reading. Surely a need for us all.

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