Belize Real & Raw. Beth’s World Race News Letter October 2015

October 29, 2015

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Where am I?
January – Thailand
February – Cambodia
March – Vietnam
April – China
May – Swaziland
June – Lesotho
July – South Africa
August – Nicaragua
Sept – Guatemala
October – Belize
November – USA
Having face mask fun with the girls
Latest Blog Posts

Broken in Belize
I asked myself where do I begin to explain what I saw this month and the emotions I felt. But this month words don’t seen enough. They can’t even scratch the surface. Read more

God has a funny way of changing our hearts. I love his sense of humour and the way he gently nudges me when I have a bad attitude. Read more

11n11 meets #3n9
God blessed our squad this month to cross paths with a Gap Year squad in their first month. Ministering alongside them was really special. Read more

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Latest News

Faith Bible Church, Ambergris Caye,  Belize

This month, we partnered with Faith Bible Church in the slums of San Mateo, Belize. San Mateo is an extremely poor community where raw sewage and floor water runs freely and people have had to make bridges to access their homes. Rubbish covers most of the ground and the roads are poorly made. But Pastor Robert, his wife LaVern and children are bringing hope to the community. During our time with them we picked up some of the rubbish on the roads, held a bible school for children and went into people’s homes to pray for them. God really used this month to open my eyes, break my heart and to work in me in new ways. It’s a very hard month to process, but you can read a few word I wrote about this month here.

Heading Stateside

On Thursday my squad and I head into Month 11, our final month on the World Race, it is crazy that this journey is coming to an end. Sometimes it feels like it was just yesterday I was driving up to Heathrow to fly to Thailand, but it also feels like I have known my Fusion Family my whole life.

Next month my team and I will be working with an organisation called Faith in Action in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. They work with the homeless community and we will be coming alongside them.

Prayer Requests

  • For an emotional, physical and spiritual uplifiting – I am extremely exhausted and suffering with a lot of migraines
  • To finish this race strong
  • For the squad as we travel to Florida
  • For myself as I begin to think about re-entering the UK and adjust back to life there
Be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power
Ephesians 6:10

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