Seed Power (November 2015 Thought for the month)

November 2, 2015

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Aren’t seeds amazing little things? They are potentially so powerful as to produce tremendous results, even breaking through solid surfaces. We tend to think of seeds the farmer plants in his fields to produce a crop some 100 times what were planted. I remember our late dear brother Steve Fermor giving us a message on that subject with a bag of seed in his hand. He understood it from a farmer’s experience.
But interestingly, in the middle of last month I had seeds implanted in my body—52 of them, to be precise. For everyone’s sake I hope they won’t result in 5200 Steve Piggotts—I realise that just one is more than enough! But these are powerful seeds that are radioactive. Thankfully I’ve noticed that I’m not glowing and I’ve not set off any alarms so far! Over these two or three months the seeds are primed to kill off the cancer cells found in a cettain part of my anatomy, thus allowing the healthy cells to survive and be replenished. It’s amazing, but these seeds, in a sense, bring life out of deadness. (Thank you, by the way, for all your prayers for me over these months. SP)

And that’s the thing about seeds being buried in the soil of a field and dying, bringing about new life, new crops—it’s the power of the Creator at work. Jesus had a ready made analogy from nature to illustrate, in his Parable of the Sower, how God’s word when preached, read, explained to people will bring new life into dead hearts through the power of God’s Spirit.
A bare field, even when ploughed, is rather depressing, but look next harvest and it’s full of golden corn, wheat or whatever.
The seed of God’s word is powerful to the point of conversion and new life for the sinner who hears. Last month we heard the Gospel message on our Harvest Thanksgiving Sunday. Has the seed fallen on good soil in your heart? What are you doing about it? Has the ‘cancer’ of sin been dealt with in your heart through those seeds of life? Are you alive or dead? Steve

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