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February 4, 2017

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Fellowship in sharing the Gospel, a new monthly event is starting on 15th February, 8 pm, at Rehoboth.

If you are a Christian and want encouragement in sharing your faith, this might just be the thing for you.

Let me introduce you to the format of the evening: After an opening hymn or song, we’ll turn to God’s Word for a short Exposition. Then we swing to the Tool of the month, where I’ll bring some tracts, books that I’ve found helpful to your attention.

This will be followed by The nut-cracker: we’ll consider objections raised against the faith (if you have any, please let me know and we’ll include them). And  here we’ll stop for a brief Q&A, so you don’t go home with unanswered questions raised by the topic of that evening. After this, we ask the Lord of the Harvest to send the rain: we’ll have Fellowship in prayer.

All this packed in an about hour and a quarter. I hope you can come along, be encouraged, and leave perhaps a bit better Equipped to share the Faith entrusted to us.


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