Allison’s testimony

January 6, 2019

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When I was growing up my family and I used to go to a local church in Partridge Green; I don’t remember much of the services, but I do remember the occasional orange with dolly mix stuck into it with a cocktail stick. After a while our family commit-ments moved on to sport, where we started playing hockey on a Sunday.
Then, after a few years I met Jason Baker. He was a lovely guy, but I thought his family were a bit different, as they were such devoted Christians. And I thought, okay, this is different to anything I am used to but okay, I will try to see past it.
But, after being with Jason for a year, we unfortunately broke up due to the fact that I was not a Christian (although I believed I was). When we got back together a week later, I promised to him then that I would do anything to get back together with him, that I would go to church and become a Christian so that I could be with him. So, for a few years we went along to churches on and off. And I struggled, falling asleep or not listening as I couldn’t get my head around it all.
Until a few years ago we stopped going to church due to being too tired and busy. But unfortunately, it was due to laziness. After a while I said to Jason, “No, let’s get up and goas I want to go to church – I’m feeling guilty. We were encouraged to come to Rehoboth church through referral from grandma and grandad, as they said that Calix is a really good upbeat and excitable pastor – why don’t you give him a try. So, we started coming along again. It’s still taken me time to come to the reality of that fact that I’m starting to understand some parts of it. I began to truly start believing in Christ and the true and amazing sacrifice for us – for me, and that I am so undeserving of his love and grace.

I started to think to myself, I understand what Calix is saying, that I want to be baptised in Christ to wash away my sins and repent. It was after a service from Steve, when he spoke about wanting to be a part of the church’s family – ‘are you a part of the church’s family and for that matter a part of God’s
family?’ that I thought to myself, yes, I do, I do want to be a part of his family, I’m not a perfect person, I’m sinful, but I want to love and be devoted to my Lord God, serve him in any way I can, pray, repent and be thankful for this life God as given me. I understand now, it’s not just about being a good person, going to church or even reading a Bible. It’s the personal relationship that you have with God. Looking back now, I realise that I started coming along to church for the wrong reasons, only because I wanted to be with Jason, but now I am doing it for myself because I want to be here and to listen to the word of God. To speak to him and be encouraged by the strength he gives me, during hard times and just for everyday life.

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