Fellowship News (March 2019)

March 3, 2019

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With a sense of sadness, yet mixed with joy as we announce the passing of our dear brother David Piggott. The loss at 92 of such a loving husband, father and grandfather, as well as a good friend and faithful member of Rehoboth for so many years weighs heavily on our emotions, yet at the same time, the joy of knowing that he, as a sinner saved by God’s grace, is now with his Saviour where He is, fills us with comfort. The fact that the Lord called him on March 1st, it could be said that saint David has truly arrived home! Our prayers are very much with May, Rachel & Sarah and families, that they may know God’s sustaining comfort and encouragement.

Others in the Fellowship have been unwell with seemingly slow recovery rates. Pray for restoration.

For other items of prayer – please see the Connections Magazine.

Preaching out this month:

3rd Dave Ansell – Copthorne am; Calix Furus – Wandsworth am

10th David Ansell  – Tadworth am

24th David Ansell – Reigate am; Stuart Beadle – Copthorne am

31st David Ansell  – Reigate am

Praying for the Community this month:

Queen Street, Park Terrace West & Denne Parade.

Check out what you remember about the Book of Esther:
1. Where did Esther live? a) Susa b) Bethlehem c) Jericho d) Ashdod
2. What was Esther’s other name? a) Naomi b) Deborah c) Hadasa d) Lydia
3. Who refused to appear before Xerxes? a) Harbona b) Vashti c) Mehuman d) Jethar
4. Who was Xerxes’ prime minister? a) Nathan b) Abagta c) Carcas d) Haman
5. Who did not kneel before Haman? a) Daniel b) Ezekiel c) Mordecai d) Elijah
6. How did Haman decide the date to exterminate the Jews? a) Cast lots b) Read the tea leaves
c) Took tarot card d) Tossed a coin
7. Whom did Esther invite for dinner? a) Mordecai b) Vashti c) Xerxes & Haman d) Haggai
8. Why did Xerxes want to honour Mordecai? a) He had interpreted Xerxes’ dream b) He had told Xerxes
about the plot to kill him c) He was wise d) He won a battle
9. How did Haman die? a) Beheaded b) Shot with arrows c) Drowned d) Hanged
10.Which feast celebrates the triumph of Jews over Haman and other enemies? a) Hanukkah b) Purim c) Nebim d) Ketubim
Answers: 1; a 2: c 3: b 4: d 5: c 6: a 7: c 8: b 9: d 10: b

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