Easter ‘Tea@4’

April 28, 2019

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Easter ‘Tea@4’ took place on 7th April—we invited Bethan Borrett to reflect on the occasion:

‘Beth, remember last year when you helped me find the eggs at the hunt, will you help me again this year?’
One of my nieces’ favourite dates in the calendar is the Easter egg hunt at T@4 and Elleah definitely wasn’t going to let me have a peaceful afternoon on the sofa, instead, I was summoned to go along with her and her sisters.

The afternoon started off with some Easter-themed songs, followed by a short talk where Stuart explained the Easter story as the children eagerly listened on the floor.
Soon after it was time to get creative, there were three craft stations, one for making an Easter basket, which was very important for the next part of the afternoon. The children also had the chance to plant sunflower seeds and colour in Easter-themed suncatchers. All of which were a big hit!
Now for the hunt! Sadly, it was a little wet outside so the Easter egg hunt took place in two of the upstairs rooms, but that didn’t take away from the children’s excitement as they ran upstairs to find their eggs and put them in their beautifully decorated baskets. The children rushed around excitedly picking up their eggs and other sweet treats.

Once they had finished the children headed back downstairs with their baskets full of chocolate which they proudly showed off to their parents before settling down for some tasty refreshments.
Nearly 30 children and their parents came along to the Easter special of T@4, which is a great testament to the community outreach that Little Verse has.

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