The Amalfi Coast with Oak Hall

November 4, 2019

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Not everybody is asked to write about their Summer holiday, and if it was just about a lovely time in Sorrento, beautiful scenery, eating pizza, pasta and ice cream etc…( Although all that was wonderful) you might not want to read on. But going with Oak Hall made it very different,
and incredibly special.

There were 32 people in total which made an interesting group of very different characters, and when they are all Christians, then you get a church!

We met at Gatwick Airport and were told that when we were on the plane it would be nice to try and talk to each other, starting the holiday off as we meant to go on. I felt a little bit nervous about that, but as soon as Roger, in his glorious Welsh accent, greeted me with such pleasure and happiness, I felt that things would be okay. He was, in fact the happiest, joy filled person that I have ever met, finding pleasure in every situation (even the traffic jams ?!).

We did begin to wonder if he had ever left Wales before.
There were so many lovely people, and with such varying backgrounds. We soon became a family and looked out for each
other. It was good to share testimonies of God’s love, with each other around the dinner table.
The highlights for me were, enjoying the time with Rachel, affirmation of my career as an Orthoptist ( you will have to ask me about how), making new friendships, and realising that I have a lot of future to look forward to. I was truly blessed by God on this holiday.

We all parted from each other at Gatwick, feeling both sad at the parting, but happy that we have an extended Christian Family.

Katie Warner (with Rachel)

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