Total dependence (Thought for October 2021)

October 8, 2021

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It seems there is no letting up of global, or at least large-scale, troubles these days. Of course, there is the ongoing pandemic, high-lighting how vulnerable mankind is to dis-eases. But that in turn led to shortages in things—anybody still remember how toilet paper became as precious as gold for a while? We also had natural disasters: too much water in some parts of the world, not enough in others. Not much we could do about that either. We have had food shortages due to changes brought about by BREXIT, and as I am writing this it is not a given that turning up at a petrol station results in a full or even half-full tank.

These things test our view of God as well. I recently heard a very helpful sermon on Psalm 65; read that and marvel that we start with the theme of salvation (v1-4), and end up reading about God caring for the land and watering it (v9-13). The preacher insightfully brought to our attention that for the Psalmist and his people the God of salvation is the same God who brings up the crops.

In this brief article, I am simply nicking this thought from the preacher, and bringing it to your attention. As His people, we can take refuge in the truth that God provides for all our needs: whatever they be  spiritual, or physical. In fact, He often uses the physical to test the genuineness of our trust in Him. He is the One True God. To Him we pray for our daily bread (and fuel), and the forgiveness of sins. We depend on Him for it all. We may (and should!) help each other in time of need, but it is still He who provides—and only He provides forgiveness of sin. Let us keep coming to and trusting in Him in all our circumstances.


October 2021

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